Thursday, June 26, 2008

So far behind in tracklisting....

No witty comments on this one because it's from last week and i'm extremely late in posting it.

June 19th Tracklist (Artist/Track)
Busta Rhymes - So Hardcore
Pierre Henry - Jericho Jerk
Xzibit - Foundation
Tara Chase - Autonomy
Funk Inc. - The Thrill Is Gone
The Brothers Johnson - Q (Album Version)
Down to Erf - Learn to Earn
Talib Kweli feat. Rah Digga and Xzibit - Down for the Count
Cali Agents - The Good Life
Main Source - Looking at the Front Door
DJ Tonk feat. The Beatnuts - Direct From Japan
DJ Tonk - Direct From Japan
DJ Tonk feat. Redman - Direct from Japan
The Beatnuts - Hit Me With That
Miilkbone - Keep It Real
The Nite Liters - Damn
Redman - Can't Wait
The Roots - Concerto of the Desperado
D+D All-Stars - 1,2 Pass It
Saukrates - Another Plot of Uni
War - The Cisco Kid

*Note - the DJ Tonk stuff is all one mixtape with unfortunately no tracklisting, although I will brush up on that in the near-future. If you want the songs contact me through this blog or at

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