Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shhh, I put an end to the wee(a)k like Friday...

Speaking of which, I was a brick and forgot to save the August 7th show after recording it, so it is forever lost in the annals of CKCU. There was some real good stuff in there but I'm grabbing a youtube to .mp3 converter in a second to help ease my pain and upload some of the tracks for download.

On another happier note, there are two new shows available for download in the archive above so go ahead and grab 'em. Disregard my mindless babbling and frequent mistakes. They were both pre-recorded (which should probably make them mistake free but alas) as I am currently not even in Canada to do the show but the mixes are decently done and the tracks grimy and sloppy as they come. Dirt.

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